A Timeline of Google Mobile-First Algorithm Changes

Many website owners and search marketers are confused and frustrated by seemingly endless Google algorithm updates. Here is what you need to know about past mobile-first algorithm updates to better prepare your website or online store for future changes.

10 Small Business SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

In 2019 search engine optimization needs to be part of an overall diversified digital marketing strategy. SEO will push your website toward the top of organic search results. If done correctly it can have your website ranking at or near the top. But you need to avoid making common small business SEO mistakes along the way!

Key SEO Considerations for Website Redesign

If you are considering a redesign of your business website or e-commerce store there is more to think about than simply the design. If you want to preserve or even improve your existing search rankings you must also take these key SEO considerations into account. If you fail to do so your new website may no longer meet your actual business objectives.

Everything You Need to Know to Run an SEO Competitor Analysis and Outrank Them!

Everything You Need to Know to Run an SEO Competitor Analysis and Outrank Them!

Most business owners understand that in order to succeed they need to get ahead of their competitors. The tricky part is learning exactly what your competitors are doing to get ahead of you. To help you stay competitive and increase your search traffic and rankings here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to run an SEO competitor analysis, and why that is so important.